Integrated DRS Fabrication


DRS 64 PRO includes the following:

HP L370 | Latex Printer

Superb high speed industrial printer perfectly suited to handle large projects. It was specially designed for companies with a big workflow. HP L370 is recommended for companies with monthly production up to 1200 m² (13 000 ft²). You can produce durable traffic and work-zone signs on all types and almost all brands of reflective sheeting. DRS HP L370 is designed for “round-the-clock” operation with an excellent quality at a very low cost. [...] More details

DRS 165L | Laminator

DRS 165L is an advanced laminator that utilizes pneumatic pressure. With its fully adjustable temperature, speed and pressure settings, this laminator is ideal for the professional user who requires a highly versatile unit. With its robust, free standing design, auto grip shafts, adjustable temperature, as well as both speed and pressure settings, this laminator is ideal for the traffic sign manufacturer. [...] More details

ZÜND G3 | Cutter

Flatbed Cutter ZÜND G3 enables precise cutting of previously laminated sign faces. Thanks to the optical camera detecting and following crop marks, cutting is easy and fully automated. Cutter is equipped with a vacuum table, conveyor belt and roll-off unit, enabling automatic loading of the material from the roll. Cutting is done by the multifunctional head with active blades. All tools can be calibrated and position fully regulated. Maximum blade pressure is 20 kg (44 lb). All types of reflective sheeting can be cut completely through or “kiss cut“. [...] More details

DRS 340A | Applicator

DRS 340A is a professional applicator specially designed for easy and precise application of reflective sheeting on a wide variety of substrates (steel and aluminium sheets, composites, plastic sheets). It is simple and reliable unit aimed to increase productivity and automate tedious and labour-intensive tasks. It is suitable for materials of up to 60 mm (2.36 in) thickness. Single operator can produce up to 80 m2 (860 ft2) per hour. [...] More details

DRS 64 PRO System can be expanded with the Routing Module for cutting metal sheets with the Zünd G3 Cutter. This configuration is branded as DRS 64 PRO+.