Integrated DRS Fabrication


DRS 54 BASIC includes the following:

HP L310 | Latex Printer

HP L310 is a high resolution Latex printer. Integart made it work to produce durable traffic and work-zone signs. HP L310 allows printing on all grades of reflective sheeting, both for permanent and temporary work-zone signs. L310 was designed for companies with monthly production volume up to 500 m2 (5500 ft2). [...] More details

DRS 165L | Laminator

DRS 165L is an advanced laminator that utilizes pneumatic pressure. With its fully adjustable temperature, speed and pressure settings, this laminator is ideal for the professional user who requires a highly versatile unit. With its robust, free standing design, auto grip shafts, adjustable temperature, as well as both speed and pressure settings, this laminator is ideal for the traffic sign manufacturer. [...] More details

Summa F1612 | Cutter

Summa F1612 is a flatbed cutter designed for operations of all sizes. It delivers highest class performance and functionality built into an ergonomically designed compact construction. Summa will cut through or “kiss cut“ all types of reflective sheeting available on the market. The plotter is equipped with a conveyor belt responsible for automatic substrate transportation during the cutting process. [...] More details

DRS 340A | Applicator

DRS 340A is a professional applicator specially designed for easy and precise application of reflective sheeting on a wide variety of substrates (steel and aluminium sheets, composites, plastic sheets). It is simple and reliable unit aimed to increase productivity and automate tedious and labour-intensive tasks. It is suitable for materials of up to 60 mm (2.36 in) thickness. Single operator can produce up to 80 m2 (860 ft2) per hour. [...] More details