Different laminating and applicating needs

RollsRoller Traffic 145T/ 400 / Applicator

As a traffic sign manufacturer, you will know that sign production is often monotonous and the operators applying the foil perform the same task repeatedly. ROLLSROLLER makes the work more ergonomic. Flatbed Applicator ROLLSROLLER TRAFFIC 145t/400 is equipped with a profiled bed, gliding beam with automatic roller height adjustment for materials up to 60 mm thick and media holder for bed end. The working area is made of aluminum sections vertically adjustable to fit the bent sheet metal to which the road sign will be applied. It has been designed for the best performance and quality and to be ergonomic and easy to use. The rubber roller is very simple to move and allows bubble-free results. Thanks to its wheels it can be easily moved in the working area.

ROLLSROLLER is an excellent product, user-friendly, efficient, precise and safe.


  • adjustable aluminum profile bed (profile bed consisting of 14 adjustable and 2 fixed u-profiles, 50 x 30 mm)
  • special design for mounting onto high volume of guide sign panels
  • removable aluminum flatbed top with cutting mat included
  • roll holder on glide beam and short side


Technical specifications:

Bed length     4000 mm (157.5 in)
Bed width        

1450 mm (57 in)

Working area length             3700 mm (145.7 in)
Working area width 1400 mm (55 in)
Work height flatbed             905 mm (35.6 in)
Maximum substrate thickness

60 mm (2.36 in)

Bed surface           adjustable aluminum profiles
Required air pressure

6-8 bar (87-116 psi)

Net weight 350 kg (772 lb)
Removable AL Flatbed top + Cutting mat                   2000 x 1450 mm (78.7 x 57.1 in)